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  • group lunch at Rynek Poznan
  • group lunch at Rynek Poznan
  • group lunch at Rynek Poznan
RYNEK Restaurant Poznan
Call to Reserve: +48-600-554-319
Our Chef - Jan Nawrocki

Our Chef, Jan Nawrocki has been associated with the Rynek Restaurant and the Sheraton Poznan Hotel since 2021.


Jan began his career in his hometown of Poznan - he apprenticed with chefs who trained at culinary schools and in restaurants almost all over the world. The next chapter in his professional life was a trip to Pomerania where he took the position of Sous Chef of a boutique hotel, with a standard of five stars. However, the breakthrough step in his career turned out to be a trip to Krakow, where he spent 5 years honing his skills and it was where he obtained the title of Executive Chef.


After more than 7 years, he returned to Poznań, where at the Rynek restaurant he creates unique dishes inspired by traditional recipes from Wielkopolska, based on local products, into which he weaves touches of his favorite French cuisine.


In his free time, he indulges in experiments in confectionery and creates unique sweets. Since man does not live by cuisine alone, Jan's passions include picking out new tattoos and playing console games with friends from all over the world.