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Local flavors in Rynek Restaurant
Since 2019
Local flavors in Rynek Restaurant

We take pride in the fact that our signature dishes are crafted from the finest Polish ingredients, following the culinary traditions of our region. The food at Rynek is prepared using ingredients sourced from suppliers we know and trust. As we develop and present our dishes, we draw inspiration from everything around us - the latest trends, Poznań markets, and the gastronomic history of the region.

Gatherings created for you
  • Wedding dinner in Rynek Restaurant
    Wedding dinner in Rynek Restaurant

    The Rynek Restaurant is an excellent choice not only for young couples who value intimate gatherings over traditional Polish weddings but also for those seeking a unique venue for a post-wedding dinner with family and friends, which can be organized without cumbersome preparations.

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  • First Communion
    First Communion

    This special day deserves an exceptional setting. We'll take care of preparing exquisite dishes, decorating the space, and providing professional guest service, allowing you to spend it with family and friends and create lasting memories.

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  • Company meetings
    Company meetings

    The Rynek Restaurant is a perfect place for company meetings, departmental gatherings and socializing with colleagues. You choose the food and drinks and leave the rest to the professionals of the Rynek Restaurant.

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